Tips Menguasai Ribuan Vocabulary Dalam Satu Bulan

Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

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Tips Menguasai Ribuan Vocabulary Dalam Satu Bulan

Tips Meningkatkan Skor TOEFL Diatas 550 Dalam Satu Minggu

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Tips Meningkatkan Skor TOEFL Diatas 550 Dalam Satu Minggu

Grammar English For Dummies Only

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Good grammar pays. No, I’m not making a sentimental statement about the importance
of a job well done or the satisfaction of learning for learning’s sake, though I believe in
both of those values. I’m talking about cold, hard cash, the kind you fold and put into your
wallet. Don’t believe me? Fine. Try this little test: The next time you go to the movies, tear
yourself away from the story for a moment and concentrate on the dialogue. Chances are
the characters who have fancy jobs or piles of dough sound different from those who don’t.
I’m not making a value judgment here; I’m just describing reality. Proper English, either written
or spoken, tends to be associated with the upper social or economic classes. Tuning up
your grammar muscles doesn’t guarantee your entry into the Bill Gates income tax bracket,
but poor grammar may make it much harder to fight your way in.

Another payoff of good grammar is better grades and an edge in college admissions. Teachers
have always looked more favorably on nicely written sentences, and grammar has recently
become an additional hurdle that applicants must jump over or stumble through when they
sit for the SAT or the ACT, the two most important standardized tests for the college bound.
The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lifetime improving your English. Ten minutes
here, ten minutes there, and before you know it, your grammar muscles will be toned
to fighting strength. This book is the equivalent of a health-club membership for your writing
and speaking skills. Like a good health club, it doesn’t waste your time with lectures on
the physiology of flat abs. Instead, it sends you right to the mat and sets you up with the
exercises that actually do the job.

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